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Visa for China

Documents to get a Visa for China

To apply for any type of Chinese visa, the following is required:
One completed visa application form, 4 recent passport sized photos, a valid original passport with blank pages. Additional documents are required for each Visa groups - Please check the one corresponding to your personal situation. For all visa questions, please contact the consulates or the embassy directly. Following information is provided as a courtesy and for your convenience only. We are not responsible for its accuracy or updatedness. Please also visit Chinese Embassy Website

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Business / Official visit visas (F)

An official invitation from related Chinese government departments or companies authorized by Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue visa is required. Based on the official invitation with a company letter from your company, you can apply for a single, double entry, or multiple entry visa.

Tourists / family visit visa (L)

Hong Kong has a special status - No visa needed for certain countries. For others a letter to explain the motivation of the visit is required. Additionally, you may be required to provide actual airline tickets showing departure from China - you should contact the appropriate Consulate or Embassy for further details. A single entry, a double entry, or a multiple entry visa can be applied.

Student Visas (X)

Along with the visa application, you must provide an approved Foreign Student Visa Application Form issued by the State Education Ministry of China, and an enrollment letter from the receiving university.

Employment / Work Visa (Z)

In addition to the application form, you must submit an official invitation issued by a Chinese Government Agency, a government- authorized company or a Foreign Specialist's License issued by Chinese Foreign Specialist Bureau.

Resident Visa (D)

Applicants for resident visas must apply for residency by themselves or through their relatives in China with the local Entry and Exit Administration division under Public Security Department. After obtaining approval, they can apply for a Resident visa at the visa office.

Group Visa for China

A tourist group of seven and above can apply for a group visa if they plan to enter and leave China at the same time. The group must provide an invitation from a Chinese travel agency, photocopies of the information pages of their passports with related amendments, and three properly completed forms.

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Cost of visa

The cost is higher for American Citizens - Depending on the number of entries needed and your nationality the price may varie from 30 to 100 $

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